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Amateur machining in the home workshop

I like looking at the home shop machinist sites on the net. Here is my contribution. Hope you enjoy it.
I never seem to finish things, so there is a lot of 'work in progress'. I will add bits and pieces as I get time.

Combined machine - Warco WMT 300/2 Clarkson Tool and Cutter Grinder (Mark1,Mark2,Mark3) Perfecto Shaper Other Stuff
Lathe - Carriage locks Clarkson Literature Shaper - State of Perfecto when bought Workshop - Views
Lathe - Cross drilling fixture Clarkson tooling, data, machine fittings Perfecto Lathes, Drills, Grinders etc Links
Lathe - Vfd, motor etc Clarkson Attachments - RGA, DPTLGA, ABFGA, CSGA, Dust Extraction, Vice Shaper - Views of the Perfecto Workshop - Floor loading calculations
Lathe - Minor mods Clarkson plans, drawings, dimensions, colours Shaper - Perfecto table tidy up Homemade tools etc
Lathe - vices, milling table, tooling Clarkson related information Shaper - Perfecto owners Misc things
Lathe - a brief look at the Rack Drive Homemade parts, modifications, set ups, by Clarkson owners Shaper - Perfecto information, literature, and pictures Bench Drill Mods
Lathe - the faulty dog clutch Refurbishments and Repairs, by Clarkson owners   Simple Oscillating Steam Engine
Clarkson - Video links   Numatic NVD750 Dust Extractor
Mill - Quill lock damage and test repair Clarkson Mark1 repair   Ikea Workshop Trolley
Mill - Quill nose plate Clarkson Mark1 Spindle Bearings   Peugeot 306
Mill - Quill depth stop Clarkson Mark1 Swivel mount for Universal Head   Bandsaw CBS45M - Stand
Mill - Dti mount Clarkson Mark1 Motor Mounting - 1 phase   Bandsaw CBS45M - Minor mods
Mill - Removing the quill Clarkson Mark1 Motor Mounting - 3 phase  
  Clarkson - Relieving End Teeth - End Mill (page 16)  
  Clarkson - Making Bushes  
  Clarkson Mark2 page 1 (oldest)  
  Clarkson Mark2 page 2 (latest)  
  Clarkson Mark3  
  Clarkson Spare Parts  
  Clarkson Nameplates, Dates, Serial Numbers  
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 1 start   Application - Dividing Head
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 2 2009   Application - Lathe Change Gears
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 3 2010    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 4 2011    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 5 2012    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 6 2013    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 7 2014    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 8 2015    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 9 2016    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 10 2017    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 11 2018    
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 12 2019    

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Thanks for looking. Steven Vine : microstoc at hotmail com

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