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Here are some things related to the Peugeot 306.

↓ Peugeot 306 2.0 HDI - Bottom Engine Cover fixings.
Here are some fixings I made to secure the fibre glass Bottom Engine Cover to the frame below the radiator.
Last year I had to replace the 3 original captive nuts and bolts with new ones from the dealer. I went to remove the cover the other day and ended up spending nearly an hour removing a siezed captive nut and bolt.
I decided to spend a bit of time and made these alternative fixings. I'll see how it goes. Hopefully they may last a bit longer than the other system.

↓ I marked out a piece of 19mm wide flat brass bar that I had lying around.
I drilled 3 holes and tapped them M6.
I cut up 3 lengths of M6 Allthread.
I inserted the Allthread into the holes and brazed them up.
missing image


↓ I cut the fixings into 3.
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↓ This job called for large washers. Not having any washers big enough I made them myself.
Here are the three washers being parted from a 25mm diameter mild steel bar I found by the roadside.
I drilled a 6mm hole in the bar before parting off the thick washers.
(Incidently, I managed to part two washer off without any problem. When it came to the 3rd washer that was nearer to the chuck, the parting tool would not cut and it felt like the bar was extremely hard at that point. Anyway, I repositioned the bar further out of the chuck and was able to part off again with ease. I learnt a lesson there.)
missing image


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↓ The 3 fixings.
The brazed fillets turned out well.
I did not bother tarting them up as they will be rusty in next to no time.
The brass bar on the fixing conveniently catches against the frame when installing/removing the nut, and so the fixing remains stationary as you turn the nut.
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