Clarke Bandsaw CBS45M - Minor Modifications


Here are a few minor changes I have made to the saw.
Someone in the Bandsaw groups aptly called it 'Bling for your Bandsaw'. Ha

↓ The No Volt Release switch broke within an hour. I got a replacement from the supplier but that broke as well.
After all the time wasted buggering about with the switches I decided to make my own switch box, and be done with it.
For the exercise, I used the lathe to make the spring loaded switch plungers.
The plunger on the left presses a rod against the contactor; this energises the contactor coil.
The plunger on the right presses a rod onto a microswitch; this breaks the power feed to the contactor coil.
The micro switches on the 'saw blade door' and the 'pulley cover' also form part of the feed to the contactor coil. When either microswitch is activated, the feed to the contactor coil is broken, and power to everything is then cut.
The neon lamps indicate, Power On and Run. I have not wired in the bottom 'Failure Stop' lamp, because that is too over the top.
Everything is thoroughly earthed.

↓ I replaced some of the bolts with hand locks, to save hunting around for spanners.

↓ The vice clamp offset steady.

↓ Clamping arrangements.

↓ Abandoned bits from an hydraulic downfeed cylinder I started to make but did not finish.
I have a new idea on how to control the downfeed.

Photos soon .......

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