Clarkson Mark I/II/III Tool and Cutter Grinder - Home Made parts and Modifications


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By Patrick Carlier :

1. Toothrest
2. Diamond Dresser, Height Gauge etc
3. Wheel Flanges
4. 3 Way Vice

↓ These pieces belong to Patrick Carlier of Belgium.
Pat's machine is a Mark II. The name plate has MT before the actual serial number, I presume it means Mark Two.
The serial number is 1931 so it looks like they started renumbering from 1 again for the Mark II's
Note the company name is 'Clarkson Machine Tools'.
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When Pat got the machine the toothrest was broken. Because the piece was grey cast he did not bother trying to weld it.
Luckily, both pieces were there so it was not hard to copy. It's made from a couple of pieces welded together and a lot of milling to shape it up.
It will look great with a coat of hammerite paint.
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Pat machined this diamond dresser attachment after taking dimensions from various pictures. I've since followed his example and obtained my spindle extension dimensions by measuring up pictures.
This attachment is also used for the relief measuring attachment to align drill points.
It can also be used as a height gauge when setting the spindle to center heights.
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This is Pat's version of the Clarkson 3 way vice.
It is home made from various bits and pieces. Apart from the vice itself, not a single piece of steel was bought .
This will be used to grind lathe tool bits.
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↓ This picture shows all the parts.

The whole attachment was made from scrap, except for the vice which was shop bought. I like that.
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↓ This shows the details of the circular T-Slot.
The slot was cut using an M6 T-Slot cutter."
A hole was drilled, to allow the T-Slot cutter to enter the part. The machining of the circular slot was started. After the cutter had cleared the initial opening, the hole was filled with a plug, and the plug was secured with a screw. Machining of the T-Slot continued (with plug in place), until a true circular T-Slot was produced.
The plug was then removed again, two T-Slot bolts were inserted, and the plug was replaced.
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↓ This is the finished piece.
The vice is a reasonably priced drill press vice from a local hardware store. The replaceable V grooved jaws are hardened and a spare set was obtained at the same time.
The long mounting slots on the vice were machined off, and the vice was then bolted directly onto the top swivel plate using 7 off M6 bolts.
The top swivel plate is locked in place by two T-Slot bolts. You can see one of the nuts of one of the T-Slot bolts on the underside of the swivel plate assembly, in the fore of the picture.
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Here are some wheel flanges (fronts and backs).
The wheel flanges on the right are two originals that Pat borrowed from a friend.
Pat made his copies out of some stainless steel, and these are shown in the middle.
The two small wheel flanges at the bottom left are originals.
There is a small spacer at the top left.
Note the locating pins. The MarkII spindle has a hole for them (I think).
... write up still to be completed ...
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