Clarkson Mark I/II/III Tool and Cutter Grinder - Home Made parts and Modifications


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By Ken Widdall :

1. Indexing Unit



Tooling by Ken Widdall.
Ken has sent me some pictures of a neat unit he made to index endmills.
This unit is too big for the Clarkson but I have shown it as it gives an idea.
Ken has also made another one with an ER chuck.

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↓ The main spindle passes through bearings in the two pillow blocks.
The indexer and knurled hand knob (on the left) are fitted on the shaft using socket set screws.
The endmill holder (on the right) is fitted on the shaft using socket set screws.
The endmills are held in the holder with a socket set screw?
I presume there are bushes for each size of endmill?
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↓ The hacksaw blade give an audible click as the spindle is rotated to each index point.
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↓ There is a swivel base and provision for another indexer.
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