Clarkson Mark 3 Tool and Cutter Grinder - Views of the Mark 3 machine


Here are some pictures of the top of the range Mark 3.

↓ Mark 3 (27-11-10) This one came up on ebay and was for sale for 2350 pounds.

The Serial Number was declared as T061.


↓ Mark 3 - The new 360 degrees swivelling Universal Head bracket, which has a square base and graduated ring, is on the table.
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↓ Mark 3 - The machine came with the following accessories:

3 Sets of Centres, Universal Head, Straight Shank Holders, Adaptor Brushes Morse Taper Holders, Taper Mandrels
Wheel Dresser, Side and Face Teeth Regrind Set, Deadlock Grinding Mandrels, Toothrest for General Work, Toothrest for Spiral Work
Index Plates, Wheel Flanges, Plate Wheel, Cup Wheels, Diamond Dressing Attachment, Operating Manual, and 2 Tooling Cabinets.

What a sight! Some of the tooling is from other Clarkson machines. The accessories include 5 or 6 Universal Heads, a Mark 1 Universal Head bracket, and two pairs of centre brackets. If your Mark 1 is missing the Universal Head, then it is probably in these tool drawers.


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↓ Mark 3 - The part on the pallet truck looks like is part of the air bearing flute grinding attachment. It is sitting on top of a belt, or maybe an air tube?
The second pair of centre brackets appear to be modified, to raise them higher.
The accessory in the box on the left looks similar to a Joyco or Habit rat tail radius dresser.
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