Warco WMT300/2 (similar to the Clarke, Grizzly 4015 and Smithy 1220)


When I installed the VFD system I moved the new 3 phase motor elsewhere.
As you know the original motor is directly behind and below the chuck.
It was becoming a pain to clear up properly, as all the swarf and oil got tucked in and around the motor.

↓ Here are some views of the back side of the lathe.
I have 'fenced' the back area in with a wall of aluminium and a wall of plywood.
missing image
↓ It is so much easier to clean up now. I am very pleased I did this.
The old single phase motor used to be mounted just down there.
I removed the end cover off the lathe and fitted the aluminium wall.
The ply wood back wall is to the right there.
missing image

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