Warco WMT300/2 (similar to the Clarke, Grizzly 4015 and Smithy 1220)


The hand wheel and drive train that operates the rack drive is sloppy and not a pleasure at all.
I remade the original bushing that mounts the handwheel. This improved things a little, but the rack drive train is still sloppy, and far from silky smooth.
I removed the apron and gear box to investigate. Here are some photos.
If I get time I will redo all the gears, shafts and bushings on this drive train.

↓ Here is a view of the grrrbox.
The small gear at the bottom of the picture runs on the rack.
missing image


↓ Part of the problem is the state of the gears and the meshing.
missing image


↓ I took it apart to investigate further.
missing image


↓ This is the shaft that the handwheel is attached to.
Look closely at the gear teeth, they're awful.
I remade the bush that carries this shaft.
I think that if this shaft and gear was remade, extended, and supported at two points then an improvement will be made.
missing image


↓ I remember reading somewhere that the shafts in these Chinese machines are a standard bearing size.
I tried some washing machine motor bearings.
Well, they were a surprisingly good slip fit on the shafts, but not a press fit.
I reckon they could improve the feel of the drive. The grrrbox casting would have to be bored out for this.
missing image


missing image


missing image


↓ As an experiment, I temporarily increased the radius of the handwheel to see what it felt like.
The hand wheel was mildly easier to turn, but the drive was still sloppy.
missing image


Up until now, I have not been able to do anything to this drive, because I needed a second lathe to make the parts on.
I was lucky enough to get an ML7, so I may get down to redoing this drive sometime.

I think I will make new shafts and maybe use bearings instead of bushes. I could bore out the castings and make 'never go back' changes, but I am always reluctant to do this. Instead, I will probably bolt some bearing housings to the castings to take the new shafts.

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