Here are a few websites I look at and/or use often.

General Interest

003mer - Electronics
003mer - Electronics - AC Current Detection - non invasive
Ade Gwilliam - AG Engineering
Animated Engines
Antique Gas Engine - workshop

Beaconsfield model railway - video cab ride
Bill's Cyclone - dust collection
Building a Polly
Boilers - destruction tests -

Classified Steam - for sale and wanted

Don Giandomenico - his boiler build using KN Harris formulae
Doxford engine works - new site?
Doxford engine works - site not working?
Dr Al's Miscellany (cgtk)

Engine mans shop
Erik-Jan Stroetinga - perfect

Frank Ford - Frets

Forum - Arduino
Forum - - primarily for sale and wanted ads
Forum - MadModder
Forum - Model Engine Maker - sign in to see the pictures
Forum - HomeShopMachinist
Forum -
Forum - UkWorkshop - Jet AFS-500 discussion

Gadget Builder
Garden railway and models - London to Birmingham railway
Graham Howe - Homeshop Sunderland gear making machine

Harold Hall
Hercus rebuild - you spent 2000 dollars on what?
Hiroyuki Watanabe - check out the Hunslet build
Hiroyuki Watanabe - William
Hiroyuki Watanabe - New project JNR C53
Hobbyist's Machine Shop - lots of homemade tools
The Hopkin Thomas Project

Engels Gerard

Jim Sapp - making wormwheels
John Baguley
John F's Workshop
Journeymans Workshop

Cab ride Landsend railway - it's just awesome!
Locomotives of the LNER

MadModder - drill 4 facet
MadModder - Clarkson set ups
MadModder - Clarkson set ups
Matthius Wandel - stunning stuff
Mark Ho - metal sculpture
Metallum - Mcgyver
Micro machine shop - you just can't have too many tools
Model Engineering website
Myford lathe of my own
Myford lathe conversion?

Ned Seith
Nick Carter - Taig - absolutely huge

Lander - Morpheus Nasa - ended 2014
Lander - mastenspace
Lander - armadilloaerospace
Robot - Boston Dynamics - quadruped
Robot - Boston Dynamics - biped
SpaceX - Grasshopper 325m test - 2013
SpaceX - Grasshopper 744m test - 2013
SpaceX - Grasshopper 250m test with 100m lateral divert - 2013
SpaceX - Falcon9 Reusable (F9R) 1000m test
SpaceX - Falcon9 launch and Stage 1 recovery landing - the future is here!

Richard Shell - stellar
R A Sommers
Rick Sparber

Sagulator - wood shelf support calculator

Shed Of Doom - Outstanding Korean shed design
The Shed of Doom can actually be seen in Google maps (both Street View and Satellite View). Search for ... 49.131193, -122.631927

SHDesigns - homemade stuff
Station Road Steam
Steam engine library-site not working?
Steam engine library-via

Spot Welder - poroldchap - top class video
Spot Welder -
Spot Welder -
Spot Welder -
Spot Welder -

Steve's Workshop

Tyneside Society of model and experimental engineers

Varmint Al - minilathe

Warco - - home workshop and Warco WMT 300/2 combination Lathe/Milling machine review
Warco - - Warco WM180 lathe mods


Allendale Electronics Ltd - MachineDro dept
Chester Uk Ltd - Hobby
Chester Uk Ltd - Industrial
CuP Alloys
Hamilton Gas Products
Direct Plastics Sheffield
CPC Farnell
Drives Direct - Vfds and motors
Emkay Screw Supplies
Epple UK - Gate
Gate Machinery - Rong Fu Taiwan stockist
Home and workshop machinery
JPR Electronics - Houghton Regis
Macc Models
Machine Mart
Milton Keynes Metals Ltd - Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal supplier
M-Machine - Metals and Engineering supplier
MSC Direct
Premier Machine Tools
Project Machinery
Rapid Electronics
RS Components
Stuart Models
Tracy Tools Ltd
Warco - 306 parts
Car Parts 4 Less - car parts
EuroCarParts - car parts
GSF - car parts
mick's garage - car parts - 306 owners club forum
Peugeot Service Box (select English, enter User+Password+Vin Number)

Anglia Tool Centre
Ikea 3D




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