My spanners get jumbled up in the tool box when I am out working under the car. I had a go at producing a clip to hold some spanners.

↓ I set up an offcut of 25mm thick MDF on cross slide.
I milled a number of slots using a 4mm end mill (which did not produce too much dust as the rpm was much lower than that of a proper router).
It all went well and was nicely controlled.
missing image


I used the cross slide dial to space the slots. 6 turns of the dial gave me 15mm slot spacings. But my dial has 100 divisions on it and they are marked as 0.05mm per division?
missing image


↓ When the slots were all done I drew a line down the middle ...
missing image


↓ ... and sawed it in half to make two holders.
missing image


↓ This holder holds spanners from 6 to 11mm
The MDF is flimsy and I cannot see it lasting too long. I'll have to treat it gently.
missing image


↓ The rubber band goes some way to keep the spanners in place.
The rubber band is convenient enough to allow me to retrieve a spanner quickly and easily.
missing image


↓ I tried to insert some bigger spanners. The 4mm slot was too narrow and the wood broke easily. Looks like I need to mill a 5mm slot and space the slots further apart to provide extra strength.
missing image
When I get time I will have a go at making the holders out of something more durable, such as plastic or metal.

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