Perfecto As Bought

Perfecto Shaper
Perfecto Engineering Co Ltd of Leicester, England
Machine Number 1357 _ 2
Ram Stroke = 5 inch


This is the state of the Perfecto when I bought it.
Luckily the green paint just fell off when I got the pressure washer to it.

A previous owner has modified it to run off an AC Delco motor.
Although the parts he made are rough I can only admire his work as he obviously done it on a budget with minimal tools. My hat off to you sir whoever you are.

Looking through all the crud and green paint and the poor finish, the machine is not in too bad a condition.
There is a deep score on one of the ram dovetails.
It has lost the manual handle and associated gear.

I quickly took these photos before I dismantled it for cleaning (and green paint removal!).

↓ The main shaft is carried in two large bearings housed in aluminium.
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↓ A small cog picks up drive from the main drive shaft.
The slot in the main shaft allows the small floating drive cog to move left and right along the main drive shaft, as the ram carriage moves left and right.
The small cog is connected to a large bike cog by the chain.
The near vertical bar is connected to the main support bar at the top, and it holds the small drive cog mechanism at the bottom.
missing image
↓ The drive for the 'ram traverse ratchet' is taken off the shaft of the large drive cog.
This drive mechanism is eventually connected to the ratchet that traverses the ram carriage left and right.
missing image
↓ You can see the end of the ratchet drive mechanism in the bottom left. I have disconnected the link that goes to the ratchet.
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↓ A view of the table and business end of the ram.
missing image
↓ The bike cog holds a T slotted channel.
The stroke of the ram is adjusted by positioning the end of the crank in the channel.
The crank is set for maximum stroke here.
Moving the end of the crank towards the center will shorten the stroke.
missing image
↓ This shows the main support arm.
The main support arm is carried by the L bracket on the right, that is attached to the ram carriage.
The main support arm supports the large cog and its bearing at the left end there.
The small drive cog, that picks up the drive from the main drive shaft, is held by that near vertical bar in the center.
The bar in the center that goes down to the left at 45 degrees supports part of the ratchet drive.
missing image
↓ This shows the crank where it is attached to the ram.
The other end of the crank is attached to the bike cog, just beyond that chain there.
missing image
↓ A view of the top of the ram.
You can just see the disconnected old motor in the background.
missing image

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