I currently use Microsoft Visual Studio 8 to write specialised VB.Net programs.

The programs on this page are completely safe and free from any viruses.

The programs will NOT spy on your computer and will NOT attempt to 'dial home' to report back or check for updates etc.

Feel free to pass on the programs. All I ask is that you do not reverse engineer or modify anything. Above all, you CANNOT sell the software or make any charge for it whatsoever.

The programs will run on Windows versions 2000 and later. I've tested it on Xp, Win7, Win10.

If the software does not run then it is likely you do not have the Microsoft Framework 2 installed. This is a free download from Microsoft.


Application 1 = DIVIDINGHEAD.exe

This application helps calculates rotations and hole plates, for use when working with a dividing head

I wrote this program out of interest. I saw a post on the Model Engineers Workshop forum which picqued my interest. A member of the forum sent me the source code for the MKlotz DivHead program and I loosely followed that while constructing the code.

NB This is still under construction. Be sure to check back for any updates. I am still working on the calculations as I have noticed a few anomalies.
Revision = 1 on 17th May 2016 ... Click here to download the 'DividingHead.exe' program (application).

Download and Installation Instructions:-

[0] It's all quite simple.
[1] Download and SAVE the DividingHead.exe file to your computer.
[2] You can place the program in any folder you like and run it.
[3] Run the program.
[4] The program will create a folder called 'mstoc dividing head'.
[5] After you have run the program for the first time, copy the DividingHead.exe file and paste it in the 'mstoc dividing head' folder. That will keep everything together.
[6] There is a help file in the program, which should be simple enough to follow.

If you have problems downloading the file. Make sure you choose Save or Save As when downloading the file. Do not choose Run until you have downloaded it.
If you have trouble downloading then check that your virus scanner is not deleting it.

Feel free to contact me if you find any problems or find any mistakes.


Application 2 = LATHECHANGEGEAR.exe

This application is a gear change calculator, for use when threading on the lathe.

I wrote this program to help choose gears for threading.
The program is primarily for the Warco WMT 300/2 and the Myford ML7, but you can use it for other lathes.

[1] Enter the pitch of your leadscrew.
[2] Enter the change gears that you have.
[3] Enter the pitch for the thread you intend to cut.
[4] Press calculate.

The program offers up a set of gears that can produce the chosen thread pitch. However, the train of gears may not 'physically' fit on your lathe. There should be alternative gear trains that will.

Sorry, this program will be available shortly.
Click here to download and install 'LatheChangeGears.exe'
Sorry, this program will be available shortly.

Feel free to contact me if you find any problems with the programs.

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