I made a hand crank to fit inside the lathe spindle.
Now I can turn the lathe spindle by hand when cutting threads.

The handle bars on my bicycle are fixed to the front fork stem in the same manner.

under construction ......


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↓ The arm of the crank handle locates in a shallow slot on the hub.


↓ Before I started machining the slot I made a plug to help me out.
You can see the plug on the left of the unmachined hub. The plug is a push fit in the 10.5mm hub bore.
The diameter of the plug is exactly the same width as the arm of the crank handle.
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↓ I used the plug to gauge the final width of the slot.
missing image


↓ I slowly crept up on the final slot width and the fit turned out great.
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↓ The arm is fixed to the hub by M6 socket screws.
The slot prevents an likelyhood of the arm coming loose and accidently rotating on the hub and causing an accident.
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↓ The arm is a nice tight press fit in the slot.
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The arm is secured by the M6 socket screws in the counterbores on the hub.
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↓ The arm of the crank handle needed machining on the rotary table.
I centered the rotary table to the mill spindle.
I locked the cross slide. I then moved the rotary table using the lead screw.
↓ Here is the set up.
missing image


↓ Getting there.
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↓ That's close enough for this job. I was afraid of marking the hub so I stopped at this point.
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