Ikea Raskog - Tool Trolley


I had been thinking of making a tool trolley for some time and while browsing the Wandering Axemans website his review of the Raskog trolley caught my eye.

I was in the middle of moving the workshop and the Raskog looked a very good option.

This is a link to the Wandering Axemans review

↓ I picked this up from Ikea in September 2015.
The shelf price was 49 pounds.
At the checkout I was very pleasantly surprised. The price was reduced to 30 pounds with the Ikea Family card. Happy days.

For not too much money, I was very quickly up and running with a nice functioning trolley.


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↓ I won't spoil things and show the assembly.
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↓ I was tempted by turquoise, but finally went for the manly grey.
When the workshop is complete I will be able to cart stuff conveniently from one machine to another.
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